1 Quart Orange Tooling Gel Coat No-wax


1 Quart Orange Tooling Gel Coat No-wax

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Tooling Gelcoat is marine grade formulated specifically for mold making. Tooling gelcoats utilize selected resins that exhibit high heat distortion, high gloss and a hard durable surface to withstand the repeated mold cycles. 

Tooling gelcoat will not harden and allow for the fiberglass and tooling gelcoat to bond while being in a mold. 

Stir container thoroughly before using. Do Not Over Mix.

Gel Coat will begin to gel in approximately 10-17 minutes at 77 F. In warmer temperatures (90 F) reduce MEKP Catalyst (not less than 1.2%). In cooler temperatures (60 F) increase MEKP Catalyst up to 3%. Gelcoat may not thoroughly cure if applied in temperatures below 60 F.
Note: This time element is dependent on material temperature, room temperature, humidity, air movement, and catalyst concentration. Gelcoat should not be used when temperature conditions are below 60°F, as curing may be adversely affected.
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