P.V.A. Mold Release


P.V.A. Mold Release

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Partall Film #10 is ready to use as received and should not be diluted. It is best applied to mold surface using a spray gun although it can be brushed on depending on desired post-production finish. 

Best results are achieved with as fine a spray as possible. To achieve this result, use a small orifice in the gun, close the needle about halfway, and adjust the air pressure to 80 ƒ?? 100 psi at the gun (setting may vary depending on equipment used). Normal spraying distance is from 12 - 18 inches - Partall Film #10 should atomize prior to contact with mold surface. 

Apply a thin mist coat first and allow to dry completely (approximately 10 - 15 minutes). Follow with two heavier flow coats, allowing each coat to dry completely before proceeding (approximately 30 - 45 minutes). A spray density that just allows the liquid to flow together and form a continuous film is ideal. 

Dry film thickness must be at least 2 - 4 mils on new or reconditioned molds and 1 - 2 mils on seasoned molds (2 mils is the approximate thickness of an industrial-type trash bag). One gallon will cover about 400 square feet. 

Drying time per coat is approximately 15 - 45 minutes (depending on thickness) with normal application. External factors such as humidity, proximity to sunlight, and the use of fans or heaters can cause drying time to vary. Film must be completely dry before proceeding with molding. Applying additional coats before a previous coat has dried thoroughly can compromise Partall Film #10's ability to adequately protect mold surface and prevent part from sticking. Film should be very smooth and glossy when dry - a dull film may result from insufficient spray and may contain pinholes. 

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